Want to invest in renewable energy sources?

Consulting with a specialist is of key importance as it can save resources, time and provide clarity for the entire planning process for project implementation.

Why is a consultation necessary?

1. Technical expertise

We can offer you in-depth knowledge in the field of hydropower, giving you clarity on water conditions, the appropriate technologies according to the relevant terrain, the necessary infrastructure and other factors that will affect the efficiency and profitability of the energy source. 

2. Risk assessment

We can make a study of the investment risk that is associated with the construction and operation of renewable energy sources. The study includes an analysis of potential obstacles, legal and technical guidance on what will be needed.

3. Project planning

We can carry out the strategic planning of the project, including the determination of the optimal plant size, equipment design, placement of the relevant turbines and other important aspects.

4. Regulatory Requirements

We can direct you to all the necessary permits, licenses and documents required to comply with legislation.

5. Cost optimization

To avoid unnecessary costs related to incorrect decisions or planning.

6. Increasing profitability

We can help you determine the expected revenues and costs of hydropower and prepare realistic forecasts for the return on investment.

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Hydroelectric power station

Designed, built, operated hydropower plants with active forecasting, balancing and monitoring


Vidima river, Dushevo village, Sevlievo, region Gabrovo


Alexander Stamboliyski lake, municipality Pavlikeni, region Veliko Tarnovo

Photovoltaic plant

The investment in solar energy provides opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions, save costs for energy needs and provide energy independence. Going solar is a sustainable solution that contributes to climate change adaptation.

Prepare in advance

To get you started

You should carefully choose the area in which you will invest. Clarify property ownership before starting the project. 

We can give you guidance if you decide to invest in the construction of HPP and FEP.

Production forecasting, analyzing, balance and imbalance